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[aprssig] Test program using MapSource Maps

BH brent.hildebrand at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 21:49:50 UTC 2006

I have a test program running that uses MapSource maps.  The program
is running here:
http://viewpoint.no-ip.org:8080.  The user interface is only via a Web
Browser once it is set up.

Currently support are PHG circles, Map Icons, and moving tracks.  DFS
circles are supported by not extensively tested and the colors
probably are not correct.

For U.S. locations, you can search by city name and state.  Search by
Grid Square and Lat/Long also is supported.  Sample Lat/Long entry
would be:  W34 30 / N117 20.  Or it could be entered  -34.5 /
117.33333.  The "/" is used to separate Lat from Long.

Maps are described in terms of Range from the center to the minimum
extent.  Example, a 10 mile Range map will show all stations out to 10
miles radium in all directions at a minimum, which is usually the
North/South distance.  There may be more range in the East/West
direction as the map shapes are rectangular.

The program supports the sending of APRS messages, but to send a
message, you must be issued a "passcode" for your callsign in order to
restrict use to authorized users.

The intent of the program is for use on a local network, but it can be
connected to the Internet as it will be for the next few days, (or
until is dies.)

Map products can be changed by entering "//" for the callsign without
quotes, and selecting the map desired.  Of course, if multiple people
are changing maps at the same time, that would create a conflict.

Most APRS packet types are decoded, except Weather and Compressed
Position packets.  Object/Item data entry and data search functions
are not currently functional and are not exposed on the web pages.

Feed back would be appreciated.

Brent KH2Z

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