[aprssig] Test program using MapSource Maps

Stephen Brown Jr stephen.brown75 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 20:07:48 CDT 2006

That's pretty nice. Is this running on a linux platform? Are you willing to
share the source code? I would be interested in running this here as well.


On 6/12/06, BH <brent.hildebrand at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a test program running that uses MapSource maps.  The program
> is running here:
> http://viewpoint.no-ip.org:8080.  The user interface is only via a Web
> Browser once it is set up.
> Currently support are PHG circles, Map Icons, and moving tracks.  DFS
> circles are supported by not extensively tested and the colors
> probably are not correct.
> For U.S. locations, you can search by city name and state.  Search by
> Grid Square and Lat/Long also is supported.  Sample Lat/Long entry
> would be:  W34 30 / N117 20.  Or it could be entered  -34.5 /
> 117.33333.  The "/" is used to separate Lat from Long.
> Maps are described in terms of Range from the center to the minimum
> extent.  Example, a 10 mile Range map will show all stations out to 10
> miles radium in all directions at a minimum, which is usually the
> North/South distance.  There may be more range in the East/West
> direction as the map shapes are rectangular.
> The program supports the sending of APRS messages, but to send a
> message, you must be issued a "passcode" for your callsign in order to
> restrict use to authorized users.
> The intent of the program is for use on a local network, but it can be
> connected to the Internet as it will be for the next few days, (or
> until is dies.)
> Map products can be changed by entering "//" for the callsign without
> quotes, and selecting the map desired.  Of course, if multiple people
> are changing maps at the same time, that would create a conflict.
> Most APRS packet types are decoded, except Weather and Compressed
> Position packets.  Object/Item data entry and data search functions
> are not currently functional and are not exposed on the web pages.
> Feed back would be appreciated.
> Brent KH2Z
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