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[aprssig] Re: Test program using MapSource Maps

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Jun 13 03:21:44 UTC 2006

n0yxv at gihams.org wrote:
> Just wondering if there is some kind of glitch?
> Your program shows me located at;
> N0YXV-1 1.50 Miles at 56.8 degrees to Parkview, NE, County of Hall
> and Findu.com shows me located at;
> Position of N0YXV-1 --- 2.8 miles southwest of Grand Island, NE
> Never heard of Parkview, NE but I have heard of and do live in Grand Island,
> NE. I Google Parkview NE and only came up with a well site but not a town.
> Hears a quote; "The Parkview Well site is located near the southwest corner
> of the city of Grand Island (the City) in Hall County, Nebraska." That well
> location would match up with your description above.

I entered "Parkview NE" into Microsoft MapPoint (or Streets & Trips) 
2006 and got a hit as an area of town south of the center of town in 
Grand Island.  The marker is nearest to the intersection of West Stolley 
Park, Rd and South Adams St.     Same results in Precision Mapping Ver 
7.1 .       Same results in the venerable Delorme Street Atlas 
Classic.   Ver 9.0 .    All three of these mapping products use the 
GDT-enhanced version of the  Census Bureau Tiger files. 

There is an astounding number of obsolete and never-used names of 
tracts, districts and areas of town in these map databases.    
Apparently a lot of names get into  the public databases of city 
planners, county highway departments, local assessors,  fire 
departments, etc. that never get removed when the names fall out of 
common use, or a private tract that was once outside of town gets 
annexed by a growing city.

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