[aprssig] Test program using MapSource Maps

B. Hildebrand brent.hildebrand at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 23:19:30 CDT 2006

"APRS Viewpoint" only plots stations that are visible, and for PHG circles, includes stations up to 4 times the size of the map in order to capture the relevant circles.  Not 100%, but pretty fast as far a plotting is concerned.  

Brady wrote:
> I'm in the mists of writing an Map Point App that will run fast.
> Since all the apps that I have found just shove all the data they get into
> map point all at once, it gets REALLY SLOW.
> I'm taking a different approach, watch the window and only update the
> stations that are currently visible. Just like UI-View does.
> Map point allows you to keep an collection of "push pins", and it would just
> be a matter of destroying the collection and re-creating it as the user
> moves around the map. A total refresh of the collection on a zoom, or adding
> removing as the user scrolls out of the area.
> Of course my app would have to keep a list of all the stations that it
> hears, and only updates the push pin collection in mappoint as the user does
> what ever since mappoint chokes at more than 200+ stations, usable but slow.
> Brady

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