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[aprssig] Fwd: [ui-view] Re: IGate symbol

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 13 14:04:51 UTC 2006

Would it make sense to have these always enabled?
or to have it toggle on and off, so that at each zoom
you didnt have to ask again with the "i" key?

>>> "Herb Gerhardt" <hgerhardt at wavecable.com> 06/12/06 7:07 PM >>>
WinAPRS draws elliptical circles around I-Gate Stations.  To see these
circles, just press the letter  "i".  Any ICON may be used for the station.

Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
Our WEB Site:  http://www.nwaprs.info 

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> APRSdos and UIview both indicate an active IGATE on the
> map with a circle or a swuare around the symbol (indep3endent
> of the symbol chosen by the station).  THis is based on the
> IGate status packet that is periodically transmitted by an
> IGate.
> Can we get a list of all the other software that also has this
> kind of indication?  And can we make it consistent across all
> platforms so that users will all recognise it?
> IF we can get a consistent display for this bit of info then we
> can add it to the APRS1.2 spec and encourage all authors to
> do it too.
> Also, we need to add this to the CAPABILITIES chart...
> de Wb4APR, Bob

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