[aprssig] ARRL Discovers APRS - almost...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 13 09:14:36 CDT 2006

Here is the salient parts of the text about the ARRL story on 
"Project Where".  It should remind all APRS operators that
they should develop the locations of all things that might be
of interest during an emergency (beforehand).  All APRS
software can do overlays so that it is trivial to overlay these
objects on maps as needed.   de WB4APR

>From ARRL:
 ARES team initiates 'Project Where?' (Jun 5, 2006) -- Under the 
leadership of Alan Bosch, KO4ALA, Arlington, Virginia, ARES 
collected the latitude and longitude of each potential shelter site. 
Shelter coordinates were among the items hams needed most during 
the Hurricane Katrina response, since road signs and other 
landmarks are often destroyed severe during storms. 

To find the coordinates of a Red Cross chapter for example, go to 
Geographical Names Information System (GNIS) Geonames Database, 
select "Domestic Names," then select "Search GNIS" and enter 
"Red Cross" into the GNIS Database as the "Feature Name." Next, 
enter your state and county. The database will return appropriate 
coordinates and elevation...

 The Arlington Amateur Radio Club's Jim Hastings, K9AUC, 
says the idea has been so well received that Bosch has launched 
"Project Where?" to collect the coordinates of other locations, such 
as hospitals and nursing homes...

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