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[aprssig] Test program using MapSource Maps

BH brent.hildebrand at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 17:01:15 UTC 2006

Just tried this in "Viewpoint" and it seems to work though it does not
give you Lat/Long as FINDU does, but you can use this to lookup
stations by Symbol, primary and secondary designation is ignored:
Earthquake symbols:

Many digipeaters would be:

Viewpoint has a function to also lookup packet type when entering the
first character of the data portion of the packet in the callsign
slot.  Enter "$" for the callsign without quotes, would show a list of
NMEA trackers for example.   Enter ">" would show stations that have
reported a status packet.  Ditto for   the characters,   `!@$*;:)'   ,
and maybe more...

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