[aprssig] Aprs used during fire

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Wow... I was thinking more like 10' high.  The Tracker2 would be better than
the OpenTracker - it'd take a little work to get both the weather and GPS
code into the OT, and it'd be harder to do flash programming so it might
only stick as long as it had power.
This would be a good application for that 5-watt transmitter board...


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I hadn't thought of the D cells in a pipe trick.... but was planning on a
pelican case with an HT.. and we have a few fiberglass telescoping tripod
poles.  They are very very light (about 25 lbs) and go over 30' up.  The
kind that you push the inner pipe up and twist 1/4 turn to lock the pegs in
a slot.  I'd just tell the install crew to make the one wire weather unit
point north.  It'd also be nice if they could plug a GPS in for just a
moment at powerup and have the opentracker memorize that position.  Then
unplug the GPS and hoist it up.

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 > Portable weather stations would have been nice.  If we'd had 4 of them we
could have placed them around the perimeter of the fire and known when the
smoke was going to shift. 
Any ideas on implementing this?  I think you'd need a fairly sturdy folding
tripod for each unit, something that could be staked down or held down with
bricks.  The AAG anemometers can be easily mounted on a pole.  It might be
possible to build an OpenTracker into a pipe segment with some C or D cell
batteries, with a BNC on top for an antenna.  Or you could do it in a
Pelican case and bolt it to the pole.


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