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[aprssig] Preliminary delayed packet analysis

Wes Johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
Thu Jun 15 11:06:27 UTC 2006

Good work!!  Could you post the callsigns of the igates that do delay and perhaps the owners can figure out what their stations have in common?


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Subject: [aprssig] Preliminary delayed packet analysis

> Of the 45, 26 were UI-View clients (APU25N), 5 were jAPRSIGates (APJIxx), 3 were
> APRS+SA (APSxxx), 2 were Xastir (APXxxx), and the rest were others or
> indeterminate.  This would seem to be enough of a spread among IGate software to
> be unable to prove UI-View is the sole source of the problem as postulated
> before.
> I filtered further to look for packets that had the same digipeat path or were
> direct reception by both the "first" and "second" IGates to help take the RF
> path out of the equation.  However, this sample size was too small to be really
> useful (about 15 packets) but did show UI-View was not the sole source for this
> case either.
> Sooooo....the bottom line is that I don't think UI-View is the sole source of
> the duplicate problem.  I had hoped to be able to offer some refinement on where
> to look, but at this point I can't say "focus on X" - the evidence isn't there. 
> There may be some other commonality like a TNC, USB-to-serial converter, serial
> port behavior, or TCP/IP issue introducing a delay, and this will be difficult
> to diagnose given the obscure and relatively transient nature of the problem. 
> It would be nice if more dupe checking could be performed on the APRS-IS side,
> but that could introduce more complexity and other side effects into the system.
> 73 de Mark N9XTN
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