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Drew Loika drew.loika at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 00:59:43 CDT 2006

Hello all, I've got a big favor to ask of someone, hopefully somebody out
there has the time to do it. I'm a founding member of MarsReach, the high
altitude experimentation group at the Oregon Institute of Technology and
we've been using APRS to track our balloons for the last three years. In
response to a technical writing class, I chose to write a report on APRS and
how it can be applied to high-altitude ballooning. The final assignment for
the class is to have an "expert" in the field review the report and fill out
a couple-page questionnaire that will count heavily towards my grade. Are
there any APRS experts who would be willing to do this? Here's the rub...
for a variety of reasons I'm running about a week and a half behind. Final
grades must be submitted by the professors no later than Monday, which means
my professor would need to receive my report's evaluation no later than
Sunday evening, preferably earlier. Is anybody still interested? If so, send
me a short paragraph about yourself and expertise written in the third
person that I will include in my report (which I'm putting the finishing
touches on) and I'll email it to you along with the evaluation form. Once
I've corrected any mistakes discovered by my technical reviewer I will make
the report freely available to everyone who'd like to read it via the
MarsReach website. To anyone considering helping me out, thank you SO MUCH,
my original goal was to be done early, but that obviously didn't work out, I
just hope somebody out there has a little extra time.

Drew Loika
(My class got cancelled last weekend so I don't have a callsign)
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