[aprssig] USGS Topo maps for UIVIEW

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 17 00:20:17 CDT 2006

USA Photomaps which can be found at http://jdmcox.com/ is a small
program that automatically downloads either USGS topo maps or aerial
photos from terraserver.com and then displays them as a mapping
program. TerraFetcher which can be found at
http://www.starrsoft.com/freeware/TerraFetcher/ is a program that
allows you to download large irregular shaped ares of maps/photos for
the use with USA Photomaps. The neat thing is that when using the .JPG
function in TerraFetcher it allows you to feed it a text file for a
large area and have it download individual maps or photos with an
associated calibration file that UIVIEW32 uses. I was able to download
both Counties in my area of detailed topo maps. It made 1,023 maps for
me while I was eating dinner. If anyone is interested I can help walk
them through the text file creation, I used Microsoft excel to make the
region file. Now when I choose to track someone in UIVIEW it will stay
on a detailed map no matter where they go in the county. You can also
make the super high detail color photos if you have enough hard drive space.

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