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[aprssig] Re: TIGER maps what-s the problem?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jun 17 18:01:24 UTC 2006

>>> jdw at eng.uah.edu 06/16/06 11:05 PM >>>
>> 3) You probably have not see an APRSdos vicinity plot
>Correct.   Even so, a report of "somewhere in the ...area of  
>this digipeater" is fairly useless when the digi has a coverage  
>radius of 30 or 40 miles...

I think I can summarize:

APRS is a global network and people sending messages from 
their hand-held D7 HT can be anywhere on the planet.  Localizing
the senders location to the nearest 30 to 40 miles out of a possible
12,500 miles is pretty good. 

 In otherwords, vicinity plotting is not trying to assign a specific 
position, just let you know the best information that is available 
from a messaging station (or status) until a good -posit- comes in.

There are two reasons why this is so important.
1) Some client programs will ignore a station until it sends a posit.
2) The current APRS-Internet Filterning systems (I think)
    will not recognize a message sending station until it sends a posit. 
    If this is true, then this is a big problem for D7 users who need 
    to send a message from a new location.  Pete can probably
    correct me on this...


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