[aprssig] Preliminary delayed packet analysis

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Sat Jun 17 18:14:56 CDT 2006

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> From: Keith - VE7GDH
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> Subject: RE: [aprssig] Preliminary delayed packet analysis
> and pin down where the delays are happening. So... while not 
> suggesting dupe checks for 24 hours, what would be involved 
> in changing it from 30 seconds to a minute or two? Would it 
> take a lot of extra horsepower to do it? Of course, as you 
> say, it would just be masking the problem instead of fixing it!

This is not a question of "horsepower".  As I stated before, it is a
question of what breaks when you do this (like messaging).  It is also a
question of getting 400+ sysops to do make this change (I have no idea
if aprsD even has this as an option).  So, IMO it is not worth the
effort simply to mask the problems (and make them harder to diagnose)
especially when you will introduce new problems with this "fix".


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