[aprssig] Running an igate station

Stephen Brown Jr stephen.brown75 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 22:23:25 CDT 2006

I want to run a full time Igate station here at my QTH in listen only mode
for now. Here is where it get's interesting. I want to use AGWPE on a
Windows PC on my local network to capture the packets and then igate them
from a linux box. I know Xastir has the capability to do this, but I am
looking for something a little more simplified. I don't want or need a
graphical interface, I just want to be able to capture raw packets and then
igate them, as well as the ability to send the data to a webserver(I can
work on that later).

Is there a program or method that exists for linux that will do this?

Thanks and 73,
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