[aprssig] Rotor control

Bill Bell bill at gatewayeast.com
Mon Jun 19 13:57:58 CDT 2006

The following codes are for the Rotor-EZ card used in the Yaesu SDX series
rotors. I suspect the codes would be the same for the Rotor-EX card but
can't say for sure.

RS232 config requires 4800 8N1 

"AP1xxx"	sets the target bearing but does not execute (leading zeros
must be used)
"AM1;"	executes rotation to the bearing set by the above command
"A|1;"	inquires current bearing and responds with (000-359) degrees
";"		terminates rotation

Each command is followed by a carriage return

The documentation tells you to select Rotor-EZ or HyGain DCU-1.  

In the rotor settings for TRX-Manager there are approximately 10 different
rotors listed so they apparently each use their own commands.

Bill Bell


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> to follow a satellite. The "KC" (Kansas City) was the name of 
> one such 
> standard long ago. I suspect if you get on Amsat's site and 

All I can find for the Kansas City Tracker is the ISA card.  Doesn't do much
good for a standalone installation.

I'm hoping the Rotor-EX takes something simple, like a bearing in degrees.
I don't want to get into the low-level details of rotor control, I just want
to tell a rotor controller where to point.


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