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[aprssig] WIDEn-N 'Decay Sequence'

VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Mon Jun 19 22:22:54 UTC 2006

Cap KE6AFE wrote...

> But "enabling" use of the obsolete aliases by continuing to "rescue" those
> inconsiderate operators (by sending their packets to APRS-IS) only delays
> the process of improving the VHF network for all it's users.

I have intentionally not done anything to prevent my IGate from gating 
traffic using obsolete paths. I can understand your reasoning, but what I am 
doing doesn't do any harm whatsoever on the RF network. It just allows 
stations with obsolete paths to at least reach the APRS-IS where they will 
be seen by others who might try and contact them to suggest they update 
their settings - as I try and contact them from time to time when I notice 
them and have time to send them an email or APRS message.

I can understand how this could be considered "rescuing" them but I'm hoping 
it can be an educational process where they might notice they only get 
"seen" in certain places rather than not being seen at all. Besides... in 
the (highly unlikely) case of a vessel disappearing off the map leaving no 
trace, I would rather that their last known position made it to the APRS-IS 
rather than being on my screen only where it would vanish after an hour. 
However, I see your point and will have to consider when to stop even gating 
the slow-pokes.

Thanks for the tip on how to actually prevent gating them, but I can figure 
that part out  hi!

> P.S.  RELAY and WIDE and TRACE and TRACEn-N are completely obsolete
> throughout North America (at least).  And this has been the case for more
> than a year already.

More like for a year and a half plus there were some months before then when 
we were all slowly making our way towards the "fixing 144.390" solution. 
Thanks to all of those that took the time a couple of years ago to do the 
tests to prove how much of an improvement it would be. The next step is NSR 
(no source routing) when we don't have to specify a path at all!

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!" 

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