[aprssig] aprsd passcode problems - unverified

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Tue Jun 20 18:55:05 CDT 2006

Doug Ferrell wrote:
> 	#1. aprsD just passes along what it hears (therefore mangled the packet)

It depends on the version of aprsd and the TNC interface. I can say for 
a fact that the sourceforge.net version, when used with linux kernel 
AX.25 sockets, breaks mic-e packets. Specifically it replaces bytes that 
are under ASCII 32 or over 126 with a space character. All mic-e packets 
don't contain these bytes, so it doesn't break all mic-e packets. It can 
break packets in other circumstances as well, I haven't gone through the 
whole process packets take when being handled by aprsd.


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