[aprssig] Tier 2 Status

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Wed Jun 21 19:28:37 CDT 2006

My comment wasn't trying to say that Tier 1 was a backup for Tier 2 it was in
reference to the earlier post that said something to the effect of "Let
everybody connect directly to the Tier 1 servers that wants to." (Sorry I
deleted the first posters comments so I'm guessing now.) I know that Tier 2
isn't a backup for Tier 1. My point was that if you lose a Tier 2 server or two
the system still works. If you lose a Tier 1 server (probably would take 2
servers down) everything stops (correct?). So if the Tier 1 servers are so vital
to the system why would you want _more_ connections to them? I would think the
object would be to get as many people _off_ of the Tier 1 servers as possible,
not to add more.

When I first got into APRS that was one of my biggest surprises. The fact that
anybody can connect to something so vital and load it down as much as they want

Now maybe I've made my confusion less confusing....confused? I'm not trying to
start a flame war or world war three I'm simply confused and would hope somebody
could unconfused me.

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