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[aprssig] What sort of events have you been using APRS with?

Anders Green anders at pobox.com
Thu Jun 22 01:53:07 UTC 2006

I think it would be fun to have some talk about
what folks are using APRS for. Oh, I know it _can_
be used for all sorts of things, but I'd just
like to hear some cool stories. :)

We used APRS at our last car rally. This event
is a full-out race, via closed roads, on sand/gravel
roads. The cars range from relatively low dollar
two wheel drive machines to $150,000 four wheel
drive monsters. Here's a link to a picture gallery:


We had APRS in the lead pre-race cars, and in
the post race sweep cars. A single digipeater
covered the area relatively well; there were
some drop outs. Next year we'll add my D700
to the mix, and probably another dedicated
unit on one of the three lead cars, to get
full coverage of resources.


| Anders Green
| ki4iwx

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