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dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Thu Jun 22 01:41:19 CDT 2006

Gee whiz!!!

That's the last time I'll post information on this list! <g>

>Again, I am not trying to convince you, or anyone else. I do believe  
>that the two tier system is inefficient, and my purpose in jumping in  
>here was to make it clear this is not the way I designed the system,  
>and that I do believe it could be run more logically as a single core  

The way you designed the system is why we have Tier 2 today ;)

The single core system currently has 600 clients and uses 6.7Mbps outbound.
T2 has 932 clients and uses 1.2Mbps outbound. That's about 2/3's of all APRS-IS
clients on Tier 2, using 80% less bandwidth. So I'd be careful when you say 'inefficient'.
Do you honestly think that the core servers could handle another 932 clients and be
efficient? Get serious.

There is nothing logical about putting all your toys in one basket no matter how large
the basket is. As a single core system grows it will just get more complex and rude
to it's clients.

I also apologize to the list for something that has been beat into the ground for years.
Steve has actually lightened up a bit... a little less hyper-sensitive and rude. <g>
Tier 2 is going to be around a long time and it's usage speaks for itself. Our 31 sysops
are dedicated and responsible hams. We have great support and leadership within T2.
It's no mystery that we suggest filtered feeds over the full stream. That makes sense to a
majority of all APRS-IS users who have educated themselves and pay for their own internet
connections ;)


Dick, KB7ZVA
On Behalf of the Tier 2 Geeks!


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