[aprssig] Re: aprsd Mic-E Problem..was passcode

Ron ve1aic at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 06:43:16 CDT 2006

I've heard rumors of problems with Mic-E 'mangling'
but have not seen any difinitive explanation.

My Aprsd Server ver aprsd 2.1.5b9 has been running
reliably for years and this is the first time I've
heard it may have a problem. This version does not
have AX25 and the tnc is in plain cmd mode. Watching
traffic on my UI-View32 station connected to the
server shows no signs of problems, including the one
Mic-E station mentioned in the F5VAG log.

One thing I did notice, that in most servers listed on
that web page:
 the errors appear to come only from one or two
My server hears loads of Mic-E packets passed on from
UIDIGI nodes in our network, some as far as 300 miles
away due to hot condx this morning, yet only that one
local station is shown as 'bad'.

It did not have a problem with test packets from my
TH-D7 although I'll have to do further testing to
verify that and also switch my own mobile tracker to
Mic-E format as well.

So if anyone has any further insights (not flames) I'd
welcome them.
73, Ron

> Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 18:50:34 -0400
> From: "Doug Ferrell" <kd4moj at kd4moj.org>
> Subject: RE: [aprssig] aprsd passcode problems -
> To: "TAPR APRS Mailing List"
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>> If you guys want to launch another aprsD server,
you might want to be
>> sure not to add just another Mic-E mangler to the
club of ARRS-IS
>> QRM'ers.
>> All the top positions of the current Mic-E manglers
are held by aprsd
>> "servers".
>   	Interesting (not to start a flame I assure
you).... since I was one 
> of
> the top offenders at one point (only 78 bad packets
as of today) using
> aprsd, I took the server offline and monitored the
raw RF feeds off the 
> air.
> 	 By watching packets, I was seeing the same
"errors" posted on the 
> France
> web page. i.e. missing brackets from TMD-700a's,
spaces in the first 9 
> bites
> moving table selectors to byte "10" etc.
> So it seems, that:
> 	#1. aprsD just passes along what it hears
(therefore mangled the 
> packet)
> 	#2. other Igates if they see mangled packets from
the users due to RF
> paths, not decoding the full packet sent etc,  don't
pass that data and
> therefore not posted??????
> 	I am researching Javaprsserver as an alternate
Igate but I wanted to 
> know
> if this is how the other igates works.
>  	If anyone could educate me on this my ears are
wide open. My aprsd 
> doesn't
> convert MIC-E BTW,  which is an option.
> ...DOUG

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