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> From: Steve Dimse
> Posted At: Thursday, June 22, 2006 8:24 AM
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Tier 2 Status
> > Steve, you control who is in the core.  Period.
> That is untrue. The only way a server  can be added to the 
> core is if you give them the software, and the existing core 

Which I have never denied it to any licensed amateur.

> sysops add the appropriate interconnects to their 
> configuration. I cannot do any of those tasks.

No, but you do control whether they get a "core" DNS name.  You have
made it clear to the core sysops that you, and only you, control that.

> >> You know very well I've always added any aprs.net name people have 
> >> asked for, including for the core servers.
> >
> > Have you?
> Yes. Name one single time I have not done this. Just one, in 

I can name a number of times in the past "8 years 11 months" that you
have not given out a CORE DNS name.

> can't, I demand an apology for this unjustified attack on my 
> stewardship of the aprs.net domain.

Only when you apologize for misrepresenting the facts.

> > Then where are all of these core servers you say should exist.  You 
> > control the domain; you control who is going to be one of the core 
> > servers.
> This is simply not true. If I give an existing hub the name 
> fourth.aprs.net and add it to roatate.aprs.net, dose that 
> make it a core server? Certainly not, no one knows better 

No, but neither does adding a server to the core mesh without allocating
those DNS names.

> interconnects between them, not the name. Take the reverse 
> situation, say you give the software to a user, who adds 1313 
> interconnects to the existing core servers and the core 
> servers add the interconnect to their configuration.  
> Regardless of whether I make changes in the  aprs.net domain, 
> that server is now a core server. Certainly the new server 

No, it is part of the core mesh but not a core server.  You can run
around this all you want Steve, but you are the person that controls the
domain.  You are the person that says "I will add you as a core server".
You no longer manage the core sysops but they have always been willing
to work with whoever you brought to the table as a fourth server.  Do
not blame them.  Do not blame me.  If anyone should be apologizing, it
should be you for such blatant misrepresentations.

> would get more traffic with the name changes, but it is not 
> the name that makes it a core server. And as I say, I would 
> never not update the aprs.net name. Never have, never will.

Yes you have.  In fact, when javAPRSSrvr was first being developed in
2002, you took away third.aprs.net from Jon Arnold because he was using
it and you didn't like some of what it did at the time.  I can name
other times where you have not added a _core_ DNS name but you look
silly enough as it is.

73 and goodbye...

Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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