[aprssig] Re: aprsd Mic-E Problem..was passcode

Gerhard F5VAG f5vag at nerim.net
Thu Jun 22 09:03:32 CDT 2006

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> I've heard rumors of problems with Mic-E 'mangling'
> but have not seen any difinitive explanation.
> My Aprsd Server ver aprsd 2.1.5b9 has been running
> reliably for years and this is the first time I've
> heard it may have a problem. This version does not
> have AX25 and the tnc is in plain cmd mode. Watching
> traffic on my UI-View32 station connected to the
> server shows no signs of problems, including the one
> Mic-E station mentioned in the F5VAG log.


I have in the meantime checked the raw findu log.

That station had been gated in the past (before my log
starts) by other igates with the same invalid Mic-E
beacon. It does not show on aprswold.net at all. (The
server discards invalid Mic-E, which is correct IMO).

This confirms my suspicion that this tracker is sending
rubbish (no valid Sym Table ID) and I have just excluded
it from logging, which gets your igate off my table.

73 de Gerhard, F5VAG / DL7MW
Are you gating corrupted Mic-E?

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