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[aprssig] Re: weather filtering,.........

Ron Cluster rcluster at rgisp.com
Wed Jun 28 14:21:06 UTC 2006

> In my opinion, IGates should never use more than
> a single WIDE2-1 (one hop) path, unless there is
> a clear reason to do otherwise.  APRS software that
> supports IGates should have DIFFERENT PATHS for
> the two functions of
> 1) the owners local RF path for HIS packets (2 hops)
> 2) IGate traffic to RF should usually be only 1 hop
> We need to get software fixed to do this.

UI-View32 has the ability to do this. It's not a menu choice though so it's
possibly not widely known. It is a fairly easy manual edit to the IGATE.INI
file. I have my iGate's regular RF beacon going out as WIDE2-2, but things
that I gate out from the internet to RF go out with WIDE2-1. (Messages gated
out use the regular station path however, WIDE2-2 in my case).

You just add the desired path to the end of the appropriate Inet to RF line
in the INI file. So "AC7TK-9 = ALL" becomes "AC7TK-9 = ALL,WIDE2-1". Once
you make this type of change to the INI file, you shouldn't use the menu
choice any longer to edit the IGATE.INI file. You will need to continue to
edit it manually, which isn't all that bad anyway as it's just a simple text


(-9 Mobile, -7 hiking (D7),
-2 Wx, -1 Work....Sheesh)
UI-View32 iGate, Wx & WIDE1 digi
Eugene, OR

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