[aprssig] APRSdos using MAPquest maps?

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Wed Jun 28 13:24:40 CDT 2006

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, Anders Green wrote:

> At 06:47 PM 6/27/2006, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >I have not paid any attention to the APRS....BMP map
> >issues since to this point, APRSdos does not use them.
> >What are people using as their source for BMP maps?
> One easy and free way: screen capture. Press CTRL-PrintScreen,
> then open up MSPaint or "Imaging" and use the Paste function.
> I'm sure there are other ways too.

  capture.exe (screen capture v 1.4.7) is a nice little prgm. Can capture
the dialog box that is in "front", the entie desktop or you can select an
area of the screen to capture (like the map). Does .BMP by default. Was/Is
a freebie from nestegg software but the website just comes up generic

  I can post it if someone wants it.

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