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[aprssig] Re: weather filtering,.........

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Wed Jun 28 19:40:48 UTC 2006

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> > In my opinion, IGates should never use more than
> > a single WIDE2-1 (one hop) path, unless there is
> > a clear reason to do otherwise.  APRS software that
> > supports IGates should have DIFFERENT PATHS for
> > the two functions of
> > 1) the owners local RF path for HIS packets (2 hops)
> > 2) IGate traffic to RF should usually be only 1 hop
> >
> > We need to get software fixed to do this.
> UI-View32 has the ability to do this. It's not a menu choice
> though so it's
> possibly not widely known. It is a fairly easy manual edit to the
> file. I have my iGate's regular RF beacon going out as WIDE2-2, but things
> that I gate out from the internet to RF go out with WIDE2-1.
> (Messages gated
> out use the regular station path however, WIDE2-2 in my case).
> You just add the desired path to the end of the appropriate Inet
> to RF line
> in the INI file. So "AC7TK-9 = ALL" becomes "AC7TK-9 = ALL,WIDE2-1". Once
> you make this type of change to the INI file, you shouldn't use the menu
> choice any longer to edit the IGATE.INI file. You will need to continue to
> edit it manually, which isn't all that bad anyway as it's just a
> simple text
> file.
> 73.....Ron.....AC7TK
> (-9 Mobile, -7 hiking (D7),
> -2 Wx, -1 Work....Sheesh)
> UI-View32 iGate, Wx & WIDE1 digi
> Eugene, OR

Ron, I believe that is not quite it.  Instead, in UI-View32's IGATE.INI, to
set the path for all packets gated from internet to RF (including messages),
change the lines just _above_ the [INET_TO_RF] section to:

GATE_ALL_PATHS=WIDE2-1   (or "SS1-1", like OR1-1 in your case in ORegon)

This way, if you think you need a broader VHF path for your own station's
packets you can still use a different "Setup,Station Setup,Unproto address"
and for your weather data also a different "Setup, WX Station Setup,Unproto
address".  Remember, in UI-View32 these "Unproto address" settings must
start with "APRS", like "APRS,WIDE2-2"
73, Cap KE6AFE

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