[aprssig] Knoxville digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 29 09:36:31 CDT 2006

There were some emails about the old WIDE digi in Knoxville.
I didnt keep any of them, but had a final thought.

If the problem is the hardware then there are easy fixes
which can still use the existing hardware.

If it is an old digi that only supports one ALIAS (WIDE)
then simply change that to "WIDE1-1".  This will
instantly upgrade the Knoxville area to respond to all
mobiles passing through.  SIMply change its DIGI ICON
to a "1" overlay and include "W1 only" in the position comment.

If it can support more than one alias then used these aliases:


And give it an overlay of "P" and put "W1,2,3 one-hop only."
in its comment field.

THat way, you dont have to swap out any hardware,
just change a few parameters.  While you are there, of course,
make sure it is only beaconing its position no farther than
1 HOP, since it can hit all digipeaters within 100 ore more 

Again, If I am missunderstanding the problem.... ignore me.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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