[aprssig] Knoxville digi

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Jun 29 10:18:12 CDT 2006

> If it can support more than one alias then used these aliases:
> WIDE1-1,WID2-2,WIDE2-1,WIDE3-3

This is similar to using a D700 in what I call CAFE mode.  That's
when the user is in the cafe and the D700 is outside acting as
a gateway to the world...


It would probably be good to be cautious with the WIDE2-2 and WIDE3-3
entries here.  If the digi doesn't do WIDEn handling, the WIDE2-2 (for
example) will be replaced with "DIGI-CALL*" and not "DIGI-CALL,WIDE2-1"
This traps the WIDE2-2 and WIDE3-3 packets.

It all depends on if there are other WIDEn-N digi's in the area.  IF there
are, then the trapping will be a bad thing.  If there aren't, then it's
better then nothing.

Bill - WA7NWP

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