[aprssig] javAPRSSrver or aprsD?

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Thu Jun 29 11:03:34 CDT 2006

> I am rebuilding the Michigan.aprs.net IGATE in Grand Rapids, MI to upgrade
> to a modern server.  I have been running APRSd, but am wondering if
> JavAPRSSrvr is now the more supported standard and recommended version to
> run?
> Can anyone explain to me if there are differences or recommendations which
> to use?  I just don't want to rebuild again for a while.

javAPRSSrvr is the software of choice. It has helped improve the reliability
and utilization of the APRS-IS. It is used by the 3 main core servers and
the Tier 2 network which consists of 31 network servers. There are many
specialized lower-level servers within Tier 2 such as 4 Weather servers,
5 satellite servers and countless Igates.

The software is extremely versatile and will operate on most any OS including
Windows and Linux. Support and documentation is superb and that's the key to
what makes it so easy for us to provide functionality.

In my opinion, aprsD has actually contributed to the down-side of the 
APRS-IS. That has become very evident to the aprsD sysop's that have
switched to using javAPRSSrvr. I've been with the javAPRSSrvr project
since the beginning and it has been a very smooth and rewarding ride.

The largest percentage of errors, including looping of packets, on the 
APRS-IS always seems to point back to aprsD servers with bad configurations.
Multiple outbound connections to core and other servers is a waste of
APRS-IS resources.

The greatest advantage of javAPRSSrvr is the fact that it fully supports the
filtering and creation of customized feeds that so many clients use today.
You can simply tell the server to send only the data you specify, thus 
reducing bandwidth requirements. A user definable filter port is available
on all javAPRSSrvr's (port 14580). javAPRSSrvr is a complete software package
that can utilize and support:

Server software
Igate software
Digipeater software
Database (3 SQL tables)
User definable Filtering
Serial port interfaces
AGW interface (AGWPE)
AX25 interface
D-Star radio interface
and more...

It's well worth looking into and the best news, it's FREE.

Dick Stanich, KB7ZVA
APRSWest - APRS Tier 2 Network

'Back to our normal scheduled programming ;)'

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