[aprssig] Actual FUNCTIONING Copy of MacAPRS for OS X ?

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at spamcop.net
Wed Mar 1 10:53:06 CST 2006

The major thing that wasn't working was serial ports on 3.7.7 Carbon.  
There were a couple of minor things like some menus didn't act  

Obviously it would be nice to have a Cocoa or Universal binary app,  
but I'd take an update at this point. We got bypassed on the last  
update. But actually 3.7.7 is quite stable. I've had it running for  
days on my laptop, putting it to sleep, taking it to work, back home  
all the time connecting and reconnecting to my AGWpe TNC and my  
regional javAPRSSrvr.

It's necessary to download the files for 3.7.2 base and register your  
callsign using classic. Then you can open 3.7.7 carbon release. It  
should look like this when running


Keep your fingers crossed for MacAPRS 3.8.4!!

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Albany, NY

On Feb 28, 2006, at 16:00 PM, Matthew Stennett wrote:

> Is there a site to download an ACTUAL FUNCTIONING copy
> of
> MacAPRS that works under OS X; Panther ?
> I downloaded something a while back, and gave up
> trying to
> figure out why it wasn't working.
> MacRatt Matt
> Previously "The ONLY APRS Station in J-Pan" (tm)

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