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Brian Riley brianbr at mac.com
Wed Mar 1 21:22:27 CST 2006

generally, with regards to the Mac you are correct. Office is  
generally on a 2 year cycle, offset by a year between platforms,  
Office 2003 then whatever that was they release in 2005 for Win and  
Office 2004 and now Office 2006 for Mac. So Mac is a year behind on  
some features but often leaps ahead when its version comes out. The  
Mac BU at M$oft is a separate unit and despite similarities in  
appearance its two almost totally divorced code bases. I dunno where  
you heard that M$oft is D/Cing Office Mac, last I heard they promised  
five more years. Further, with regards to PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote  
can handle anything PP can dish up and then some. Any Keynote  
presentation can be "Save As"-ed and be cleanly dumbed down to  
PowerPoint standards.

PowerPoint is indeed mostly Windows centric, but none the less used  
widely in the Mac world. Powerpoint and  .ppt files have become  
something of a 'standard' presentation format. Just as Excel and .xls  
files have for spreadsheets. Like it or not, its the reality of the  

But as said earlier the point is that rather than PowerPoint a JPEG/ 
GIF/PNG/PDF would have been more appropriate or that individuals  
hookup diagrams.

On Mar 1, 2006, at 9:16 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> brianbr at mac.com wrote:
>> While I agree with the overall sentiment, this statement is  
>> incorrect. JPEG/GIF/PNG/PDF formats are more appropriate.
>> The Mac, however, should not be included in that list.  
>> PowerPoint .ppt/.pps files can be opened and viewed under a  
>> variety of methods on the Mac, under PowerPoint in the Mac Office  
>> Suite, under Keynote, in the iWork Suite, and in the Open office  
>> Suite as well.
>> On Feb 25, 2006, at 6:12 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>>> PowerPoint is a Windows-centric proprietary format unuseable by   
>>> most Mac/Linux/Unix users
> 1)   MS Office (of which PowerPoint is a part) is far less  
> ubiquitous on the Mac than on the PC.
> 2)   The MS Office file formats keep changing with each release.    
> The Mac version of Office (and the import filters in other  
> applications including open source apps like Open Office )  
> typically lag behind the current Windows version of Office by 1 or  
> 2 releases.  .PPT files created with the latest version of Office  
> will be a real pain to deal with on non-Windows platforms.  This  
> "versionitis" problem is now only going to get worse, now that MS  
> has announced there will be no further releases of MS Office for  
> the Mac.
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