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Wes Johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
Thu Mar 2 10:20:23 CST 2006

The reason for the limit is quick basic was discontinued over 10 years ago. 
Even then it only supported minimal graphics that you see, and 2 comports at 
9600 baud.  Some "little" thing called VB replaced it.

http://www.tapr.org/~kb2scs/aprsscs.html seems to be filling the gap by 
carefully following the function and features of DOS aprs but in a windows 

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> Hi all,
> I may be missing something, so I'll pose the question..
> APRS for dos may cover many bases, or all of them, but why are the 
> graphics still lingering in the 1980s? When I use it and have some of the 
> many rings, stations, tracks being displayed, the maps become so cluttered 
> and unreadable it's awful.. This is with most any map I've tried.
> I think if the resolution of the image were more like the current monitors 
> resolution of 800x640 or higher, that the screen of Dos APRS could be made 
> higher??
> Is there a setting when initiating DosAPRS that sets the screen 
> resolution?
> Why isn't there a better screen display in this program after all these 
> years?
> Robbie
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