[aprssig] APRS/CE Development & Compatibility?

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Thu Mar 2 12:49:09 CST 2006

Some questions about APRS/CE Development and Compatibility

1. Will it run on a Dell Axim X51v 624Mhz ?

2. Does it support connection to the APRS servers via the X51v's 802.11b 

3. Is APRS/CE still being developed/supported?

4. Are there any other aprs clients for the Pocket PC (specifically 
compatible to the X51v0?

I'm thinking of getting one of the Axim's as my other two PDA's are really 
long in the tooth.

Suggestions? (Please don't tell me to get a laptop...I already have one and 
don't want another)


...hasan, N0AN 

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