[aprssig] APRS/CE Development & Compatibility?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Mar 2 13:33:32 CST 2006

schiers at netins.net wrote:
> Some questions about APRS/CE Development and Compatibility
> 1. Will it run on a Dell Axim X51v 624Mhz ?

> 2. Does it support connection to the APRS servers via the X51v's 
> 802.11b capabilitites?
If this appears as a normal TCP/IP "virtual Ethernet" connection, it 
should work.   APRSce supports normal IP-based APRS server connections.

> 3. Is APRS/CE still being developed/supported?
As far as I know,  NO .   There hasn't been any change for over two 
years now.   As a result, it doesn't support the current APRS symbol set 
or overlays.

> 4. Are there any other aprs clients for the Pocket PC (specifically 
> compatible to the X51v0?
NO .   

> I'm thinking of getting one of the Axim's as my other two PDA's are 
> really long in the tooth.
> Suggestions? (Please don't tell me to get a laptop...I already have 
> one and don't want another)
> 73,
> ...hasan, N0AN

[ I am a registered owner of APRSce and have mostly run it on an HP 
Jornada 540 connected to a TH-D7, along with a Garmin ForeTrex wrist GPS. ]

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