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[aprssig] APRS/CE Development & Compatibility?

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Thu Mar 2 20:44:42 UTC 2006

I recently purchased a new HP PocketPC running the
newest Windows Mobile 5.  CE loaded and runs great on
it.  I use the internal wifi connection to my router
at home to get the internet feed.  There are MANY CF
(Compact Flash) serial adapters out there to talk to a
TNC.  The problem is, WM5 doesn't support any of them
yet.  One company wrote me back and said they planned
to add WM5 support for their adapter soon.  Figures,
they had the ~$150 adapter.  Before I found out about
the compatability issue, I bought an adapter on ebay
for ~$50.  Apparently its only supported up through
WM3 MAYBE WM4.  So that was a waste on money.  

I moved to PocketPC for APRS since PocketAPRS has been
completely abandoned by Mike Musick.  Looks like it
was a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.
 Regardless, I love my new PPC for everything else
like Internet, PDFs, Games, ect.  I can even use the
built in Bluetooth to transfer pictures from my phone
to it and view them.  Still worth the money for that.

Later down the road there will be cheaper CF serial
cards that support WM5 and I'll try again.

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

--- Ben Jackson <bbj at innismir.net> wrote:

> Ben Jackson wrote:
> > I'll say "probably", as I jsut ran it on my Axim
> x50. It's sitting at 
> > the main screen telling me it's "ready".
> > 
> > I can't figure out how to make it do anything else
> :X
> As a followup, I fixed the problem I had and it
> works fine. I connected 
> to the APRS-IS stream via bluetooth and my host
> laptop and APRS/CE 
> merrily plotted away. (I gotta admit, that was
> pretty cool)
> I think the only issue with Axim x50/x51 models is
> that I don't think 
> they support serial natively. However, I have seen
> adapters available 
> online.
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