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There may be some variations in programming voltage among different versions.  Different access speeds, too.  You can get one-time programmable chips (no window) significantly cheaper than the eraseable type, too.

If it's for UIDIGI, I just need the configuration file (or better yet, the finished binary) and a shipping address and I'll send them free (one-time programmable chips).  A few of us are subsidizing this offer to help get the digipeater network upgraded.

In fact, I just added a coupon code so you can order online at http://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=24.  Coupon code is UIDIGI.  It might only apply it once per order, though.


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>      I have an MFJ-1270B Turbo TNC.  I have access to an EPROM burner.  However,
> I need to round up somw 27C256 EPROMs to burn the UIDIGI code into.  
>      I notice that 27C256s are being sold in small lots on Ebay.  
>      Is there anything I should be sure of before purchasing them?  I don't know
> a lot about EPROMs, but I do remember what I learned about TTL in school.  There
> are variants of TTL out there and you need to get the right one in some cases. 
> I'm just covering base here.  
>      Regards, 
>                                        Fred 
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