[aprssig] FINDU Pressure Display

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Fri Mar 3 09:41:48 CST 2006

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Subject: [aprssig] FINDU Pressure Display

> My email  a while ago about 3 digit pressure encoding reminds me that the 
> current display scale on FINDU makes it tough to interpret pressure 
> tendencies. The scale runs about  0950 to 1080mb which mostly makes a one 
> day view of pressure nearly flat.  Since a look at pressure tendency is 
> much more important than the absolute pressure itself, and a change of 
> only 2mb an hour is a warning signal and lesser changes are important, the 
> display is less useful than a good look at the needed inflection points 
> and slope  which are now so hard to read.

In this case, wx chart under www.jfindu.net is more useful. The y axis are 
adjusted to extreme values. Try something like this
and choose 1 day, click Create Chart.
Then you see pressure tendencies much more clear.

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