[aprssig] Cisco rollover to RS-232

Derek Koonce redderek at comcast.net
Fri Mar 3 19:50:16 CST 2006

I did a quick search using the terms [ "serial port" RJ45 "pin out" ] on 
Google. Try this for a description:

Drawback is that it may not be a standard. I went back to search a bit 
more using ["serial port" RJ45 "pin out" cisco] and found this

These show different pinouts than the previous link. I would keep 
searching til you have a better feeling of the results. Final task would 
probably be pick one pinout and test until you find a match. You can 
also watch pins from the RJ45 unit and watch for data being transmitted 
using an AC volt meter. Be sure to identify the ground pin before 
starting. This could give you a starting point.

Derek Koonce

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ wrote:

>    I am getting an RJ45 to DB-25 adapter.  I have to set the pins to the
>correct pinout myself.
>    What I want is a way to turn the pins on the rollover cable into a DB-25
>RS-232 so I can talk to the TNC-2.
>    Does anyone know the correct pinout for that?
>    73,
>                                                                    Fred,
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