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[aprssig] New use for APRS...Sad, but true!

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Sat Mar 4 18:19:26 UTC 2006

I thought I would pass this along to the group since we were on the 
subject of "Found a new use for APRS".

Thursday was not a "great day" for me.
1. 2:00pm While out of town on business I get a phone call from my 
son's school. He has broke his foot. (Not really, just a major sprain)
2. 4:00pm My daughter calls (I think it must be about my son). No she 
has just walked in and our house has been ran-sacked. Told her to 
leave and call 911.
3. 4:30pm Policewoman calls. "Do you know what they were looking for, 
nothing appears missing". (I don't have a clue) "Something must have 
scared them off because there is even cash (20.00) they left on the 
floor". (I was unaware of ANY cash in the house).
4. 5:00pm Daughter calls again "Looks like all they took was two flat 
panel computer screens, mine and yours". (My son's was left).
5. 9:30pm I arrive home after driving 4 hours. Also stolen was a 
"new" PIII-900 just bought last week to replace the "old" I-Gate. 
Master bedroom, and my daughters room tossed. My son's room they 
"looked in drawer's......Did NOT take the laptop left on his counter, 
nor his I-Pod...Must have been in a hurry to leave!!
6. Police want to know what time they were in the house, I could only 
tell them my housekeeper left at noon (supposed to work a full 
day.....) and my daughter arrived home at 4. Housekeeper did not set 
the alarm, phone lines cut anyway. Police afraid that daughter came 
home while in the act.
7. Friday morning I went to print something....hmmm, says printer 
offline or can't be reached. APRS I-Gate also local print server. I 
tried to remote control in. Could not. Went and looked, computer 
unplugged when they stole the monitor. BRIGHT IDEA!!! When was the 
last time position heard on Find-U?
	Station beacons every half hour. Last position report was 1:00pm 
local time, 1:30 position did not get to the internet!

8. Notified police that break in occurred sometime after 1:03PM, and 
before 1:30PM!

9. Saturday repairing front door and upgrading alarm system (including Video!).

I live in an area of town that has had a HUGE crime rate increase due 
to the Katrina evacuees.

Mark Cheavens

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