[aprssig] RJ45 to RS232 Adapter

Fred Atkinson fred at WB4AEJ.COM
Sat Mar 4 20:32:48 CST 2006

     I've made a drawing for the pin out on an adapter to make a Cisco rollover cable connect to the RS232 port on a DCE type device (in this case, an MFJ TNC-2).  

     Since I got complaints about it being in Powerpoint, I've created a .pdf file.  Before you jump on me yet again, I tried exporting it to a .jpg but it lost too much in the exportation.  

     You can view it at: http://paws.wcu.edu/fatkinson/APRS/RS232_RJ45.pdf 

     I'd appreciate any comments about errors/problems, etc..  I used the information on the Web page you folks thoughtfully provided.  


                                                  Fred, WB4AEJ 

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