[aprssig] REF: New use for APRS...Sad, but true!

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 5 09:55:14 CST 2006

I bought a couple of inexpensive (non-high power, but
Color Video Cameras a while back.  Finally had no more
excuses not 
to, when they went on sale @ Harbor Freight Tool.
One is mounted above garage door, the other, on my
It is just below the 2M Yagi, and of course, fully
This has become INVALUABLE, to see approaching weather
not to mention to see what is going on outside.  (you
can see the UPS truck arriving, and be ready for 'em @
the door!)
I presently have them set up on Input of standard
Analog VHS VCRs, 
but eventually will replace VHS with DVD
Recorder..this will allow CONTINUOUS Record, all
day/week, depending on capability of DVD

 Saturday repairing front door and upgrading alarm
> system (including Video!).
> I live in an area of town that has had a HUGE crime
> rate increase due 
> to the Katrina evacuees.

Too bad you can't set up a few Claymores for 'em to
> Mark Cheavens

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