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[aprssig] RE TH-D7 and Group Code (SPCL/AlterNet)

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sun Mar 5 19:54:04 UTC 2006

kb2scs at optonline.net schreef:
> APRSDos and APRS-SCS do adhere to the APRS Spec. So "SPCL" and 
> "AlterNet" do work in APRSdos and APRS-SCS.
> There are probably other APRS Software that adhere to the APRS Spec 
> in this manner but I have only used APRSdos and APRS-SCS.

Note this does not solve Steve's problem. Reason is that a lot of position 
packets are MIC-E encoded where the ToCall is not avaliable for setting up 
an ALTNET. MIC-E uses the ToCall for a part of the position and some 
status flags. With MIC-E the use of ALTNET is therefore limited, a lot of 
stations will leak through the filter.

If the SAR takes place in a limited area then maybe Steve's problem can be 
reduced by setting up a range-limit, at least that will keep out the 
position packets from outside the area.

Kind regards,


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