[aprssig] Re: GPS 18 data needed

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Sun Mar 5 19:49:19 CST 2006

Will the 0/5 volt signal levels still work with the Kenwood THD700A?  I
was considering using a GPS 18 in my van for APRS.

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> Concerning the GPS18:
> Beware!   The GPS18 does not output true bi-polar rS-232.  It behaves
> somewhat like the TinyTrak in that it outputs only "half 232"  0/5
> volt logic levels.    If your device needs true -8VDC/+8VDC true
> RS-232 levels, it may not work with the GPS18.    Apparently they
> decided to leave out a negative voltage generator in the GPS18.

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