[aprssig] FS: DRSI ISA dual channel packet card

John Hansen hansen at fredonia.edu
Sun Mar 5 20:59:56 CST 2006

Boy that brings back memories.  I had one of those and I built a couple 
of TAPR 9600 baud modem kits to go with them.  At the time the TAPR 
directions on how to interface them with an external modem didn't work 
quite right and I had to learn about clocking synchronous serial signals 
to get them to work.  I think I really tried Lyle Johnson's patience 
with all the questions I asked him.  There were 3 models of DRSI 
boards:  type I, type II and type III.  They each actually had 2 TNC's 
on each board.  You could get them with 2 1200 baud modems, with one 
1200 baud modem and one designed for an external modem, or with two that 
were both designed for external modems.  I think the latter was the type 
3 board.  It worked real well on a bbs with 2 9600 baud modem.  Wow, 
those were the days.... thanks for the memories.

John W2FS

Wes johnston wrote:

> I have a DRSI card model PCPAT1 with an ISA interface.  I have never 
> even installed it in a PC so I really have NO idea if it works, my gut 
> tells me it does.  I do not have a PC with an ISA slot in it any more, 
> so I can't test it.  It's one of those things that was in a box in the 
> baby's closet and doesn't need to be there any more.  I just can't 
> bring myself to throw it out.  The manual was miraculously in the box too.
> I think I remember reading a long time ago that it worked with baycom 
> software and the linux ax.25 kernel... might make a good linux digipeater.
> Anyone interested in it, please make me an offer that at least covers 
> the postage.... perhaps my subject line shouldda said "free to a good 
> home". 
> Wes
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