[aprssig] What's causing this?

Bogdan, Rick rbogdan at ursinus.edu
Tue Mar 7 13:21:24 CST 2006

I just looked on findu and all my station calls are getting mangled by
something.  Any ideas? If I remember the last time we saw this it was a
miss-configured something somewhere....


Rick ka1udx

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Update for MapPoint North America

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006 is now out.    Along with the usual Microsoft
feature upcreap (it now has talking turn-by-turn navigation prompts), it has
an updated road data base.  I verified that several major roads and a
freeway extension that didn't show in the Denver, CO area (caused me
considerable confusion when I was in the area last week) in the 2005 version
are there in the 2006 version. 

UIview users using the UIpoint add-on with MapPoint, or APRSpoint users
(APRSpoint uses MapPoint directly as it's display system) can use Streets as
an inexpensive update to the road data in the now nearly three-year-old data
set in MapPoint 2004. 

I posted several months ago about using Streets 2005 as an update for
MapPoint. (The original post is re-quoted below).  I have just tested and
verified that Streets 2006 WILL update MapPoint North America exactly the
same way that Streets 2005 did.    

I have not yet been able to get a copy of Automap 2006 (Automap is
essentially the European version of Streets & Trips) to verify that it can
update the Euro version of MapPoint 2002/2004.   Automap 2005 DID work to
update MapPoint Europe 2002/2004.

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*****   Cheap Way To Update MapPoint 2004 With Newer Road Data     ******

If you are using Microsoft MapPoint with either UIview/UIpoint  or with
APRSpoint, this can update your MapPoint database very inexpensively.

I  found out about this on a MapPoint developers' message board.  All
statements below about Streets & Trips apply to AutoRoute as well.   [
AutoRoute is the European version of the product called Streets & Trips in
North America. ]

Microsoft Streets & Trips  is the feature-limited consumer-oriented "lite"
version of MS MapPoint.   However both programs use the same raw data files
for drawing their respective maps.

A new version of the consumer Streets & Trips is issued every year, but
MapPoint is only updated every other year on the even years (2002, 2004,

To update MapPoint 2004 with 2005 road data, purchase a copy of Streets &
Trips 2005. At the present time, this is available at Wal-Mart in the U.S.
for USD $30 (other places are selling it for $40 with one of those nuiscence
$10 mail-in rebates).   Do the full install that places all the data on the
hard disk, rather than running from the CD.     Under the main Streets
program directory, locate the sub-directory \DATA .   Select and copy all
the files in this directory to the corresponding \DATA directory under the
main directory for MapPoint 2004.   14 files, totalling about 1GB, will be
overwritten with like-named files.    [You may want to make a backup copy of
the \DATA directory before overwriting it. Call it something like
"DATA.2004" .]

You can then uninstall Streets & Trips to recover the approximately  1 GB of
disk space used by it.  Or you may wish to leave it installed since it's
built-in GPS handler for stand-alone (non-APRS) real-time moving map
displays  is so vastly superior to the GPS driver in MapPoint.

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