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[aprssig] New APRS Client, Request for Developers

Gregory A. Carter aprssig at gcarter.infodns.com
Tue Mar 7 23:45:49 UTC 2006

> > Any relation to openaprs.net?  If not, is the name conflict going to be an
> > issue?  
> Oops. Nope. Didn't know someone had a website. Looks like I'll need some 
> disclaimers.

You should be aware that openaprs.net is not just a website.  The name is also associated with an open source daemon that backends the site which will be released to the public in the next month or so.  It's been in developement for over a year now...

There's probably going to be a considerable amount of confusion between the two.


Gregory Carter
n7nxs at n6nar.org
Northbay Amateur Radio Society

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