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[aprssig] Appalachian Trail APRS trip report

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 8 04:14:23 UTC 2006

>>> Joe Della Barba <joe at dellabarba.com> 03/07/06 5:35 PM >>>
Would one of these have helped?

Not really.  my point in that instance was that GPS was
simply not needed when one has a map and the sense to
read it.  Sometimes we take technology too seriously
when low-tech, or no-tech works just fine...   Bob

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Just got back from a 4 day 40 mile hike on the AT with
>6 high school kids.  I carried APRS, HF, GPS, RINO's
>a few HT's and several FRS radios for the kids.
>Lessons relearned:
>1) Never once took the HF out of the pack
>2) Never once used GPS (we could see where we were
>    on the maps...)
>3) locating water, warmth, preparing food and
>    placing one foot in front of the other is all that counts
>4) RINO's were useless.  Lost contact at 1/3rd mile
>    but didnt know it until we wasted  hours backtracking.
>5) HAM radio on 52 always worked.
>6) Cell phones didnt (though we were getting full
>   scale signal readings (maybe we were hitting too
>   many cells?
>7) Parents were able to see our progress on FINDU
>    just from my manuallly keyed in posits on my D7
>    a few times  a day.  No GPS needed.
>In otherwords, one D7 for me (with the thin battery)
>and the little tiny Yeasu FT-2R for the two licensed kids 
>would have been  sufficient.
>Nothing new here.  Just an APRS trip report.
>de Wb4APR, Bob
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