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[aprssig] RINO Position decoding (new subj)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 8 14:13:36 UTC 2006

>>> <scott at opentrac.org> 03/07/06 11:43 PM >>>
>the park the kids go to, at just over 1/4 mile away 
>in normal suburban terrain, is out of range at high
>power [for FRS/GMRS].
>Anyway, this is why I haven't paid much attention to 
>the Xastir RINO support, or the RINOhorn idea, or 
>any of that.  I'm just not convinced they have a 
>particularly useful range.

That was why my original approach to the rino was to
decode the transmission directly.  I captured the
waveforms, and we had it mostly decoded, but then
the effort shifted to the simple xastir approach and
we lost the momentum.  But the fact that the RINO 
uses a receiver that is typically 7 dB worse than
a typical HAM receiver would double the useful
range in an APRS system.

I wish someone would take that on....  boy would
it help APRS at SAR etc...


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