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[aprssig] RINO Position decoding (new subj)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 8 14:26:52 UTC 2006

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 03/08/06 9:13 AM >>>
>That was why my original approach to the rino was to
>decode the transmission directly. ...
>But the fact that the RINO  uses a receiver that is 
>typically 7 dB worse than a typical HAM receiver 
>would double the useful range in an APRS system.

And being able to put the RECEIVE antenna high and
in the clear woud double the range again, making for
a 16 fold increase in the useful area of RINO's in an
APRS system.

>I wish someone would take that on....  boy would
>it help APRS at SAR etc...


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