[aprssig] Calculating two-sat visibility

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Mar 9 19:52:39 CST 2006

AGI's Satellite Toolkit should do it - maybe in the free version, definitely
if you get trial licenses for the add-ons.  It'll do whole constellations,
sensor planning, link budgets, and so on, with 3d graphics for all of it.
It's not the easiest thing to set up if you haven't used it before, but it's
very powerful.  Even the free version blows away any other satellite
prediction program I've ever seen.

On a semi-related note, if you really want to get a first-hand look at how
orbital mechanics really work, check out http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/.
It's definitely a game for geeks, if you can even call it a game.  Took me a
while to learn how to launch and meet up with IIS, and longer than that to
make a launch from Earth and transfer to Mars with aerobraking and landing
at a designated spot.


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> I was wondering how to calculate when PCSAT and PCSAT2 would have
> mutual footprint passes at my location.  I quickly stumbled upon the
> "two-sat visibility" calculator under the utilities menu in Nova.  It
> is easy to use and works great.  I'm just posting this for anyone that
> wanted to do the same calculation.
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